Shimla History

The name of the place Shimla was taken from the name of the Hindu goddess. The place was a forest in the 18th century and not much people reside there. Only a few houses are present that are scattered and the Jakhoo temple. The place was then quite and not much activity. It then holds and retains its beauty that was soon discovered. It became a place where British officers are spending their vacation. Different officers even with high ranking visited their and improvements were then implemented.

As the place was under the rule of the British so more and more officers visit the place. As they could acquire the place, residents have increased from just 30 houses into a thousand ones in a span of 50 years. As many officers from the British ranks visit the place, it became a place of socialization. Events took place like parties. More and more people are spending time and moving into the place. Structures then are established like schools where those who have ranks can let their children study.

The arts also were developed and exhibition took place in the place. It did not take them long to make the place the capital. More developments were made including the railway that makes the travel to the place easy. There are many influential and famous people that had been to this place and is now an important place for those who reside in there. Now it is a place of attraction where tourists are visiting.