Top 3 Places

There are common places that tourists visit in Shimla. The first is within the center that is why you would not miss to visit it first. The Ridge of Shimla is where you can find the various events like fairs and where government functions happen. There are various events and the commonly known is the summer festival where many tourists make it a point to participate in. It is held in the month of April or in May. You can visit the famous shopping center and many more.

The second place you can visit is Kufri that holds amazing scenic views. Go up to the hill and you will not miss seeing a delightful view. You can try skiing here and also hiking so you can see the different views. It is recommended you visit in winter if you like to try skiing during the months where they have winter from November to February. If not, you can go during the months of April until June. The weather though is good in all the months.

The third place is Green Valley and is famous for tourists as it is the place where most of the photography takes place. There are many Bollywood movies that were shot here as there are many places that are beautiful. That is why this place has been even featured in travel books and other written materials. You can even see animals that are considered rare like yaks that would be grazing. The green surrounding really catches the attention of anyone who visits there.